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Do you have dirt, or organic material growing on your house causing it to look old and worn? If so, we can help! It is natural for organics to want to cling to your home and thrive in a humid environment. Thats why frequently getting a good house wash can really improve the appearance of your home. We specialize in house cleaning, we have proprietary chemicals that we can apply to your home to ensure your home is looking clean again.

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Huntsville's #1 Exterior Cleaning Company

What are the Benefits of Having My Home Cleaned?

Keeping your home safe from dirt and debris is a priority. However, all year long your house takes in all of the contaminants that build up mold, dirt, and other forms of debris. With a professional soft wash, the embarrassing stains that lack curb appeal will be gone. Other benefits of having your home cleaned include:

  • Saves Money – You will save money on your energy bills with a professionally cleaned home.
  • Eco-Friendly Products – At K.O.S. Power Washing we take pride in using eco-friendly products that are safe for pets, plants, and children. 
  • Creates Home Longevity – Your home longevity will come to life after it is soft-washed, eliminating the chance of extensive and expensive damage.


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The Importance of Soft Washing Your Home

Soft washing your home is a sure way to get rid of rust, pesticides, dirt, and other elements that have made their way onto your home. Your home is your sanctuary and should be treated as such, but if you ignore cleaning it, the safety and the structure of it will be at risk. However, our K.O.S. Power Washing professionals will provide you with superior service and make your satisfaction a priority. Let our professionals turn your eyesore into something beautiful with a professional soft wash.

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Why Choose Us


High Quality Service

You will receive superior service and professionalism from our cleaning professionals once we visit. You are our #1 priority.

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Friendly Customer Service

Our customer service representatives are here to answer any questions you have.

Advanced Cleaning Process

We use an advanced cleaning process and products to kill dirt and grime.

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Experienced Technicians

Our experienced technicians have been extensively trained on our cleaning process.

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Free Estimates

If you are thinking about having your home cleaned, you can get a free estimate before we start our cleaning process.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our superior service and professionalism.

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No More Excuses!

Have Excuses Taken Over?

If excuses have been keeping you from having your home professionally cleaned, it may be doomed for damage. Leaving mold, grime, and dirt on your home can cause an extreme amount of damage to its structure. The negligence of a home can be one that is costly, leading to many repairs needing to be done. So, let our professionals come out and bring your home to the perfect beauty it deserves to be.


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