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Concrete cleaning is one of the most important things you can do as a homeowner, or a business owner to give you that extreme curb appeal. Concrete cleaning isn’t just for that amazing look of having new concrete again, but often can preserve the life of the concrete itself, potentially saving thousands of dollars. Learn more of the common uses for concrete cleaning.

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See What A Difference A Little Wash Makes

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How Does Clean Concrete Help My Home?

What Are My Clean Concrete Benefits?

Are salts, oils, and dirt living on your concrete? All year long your concrete takes a beatdown from the rain, heat, and snow. With this, torment will torture your eyes during your days around the pool because of the stains that have taken over your concrete areas. The breakdown of your concrete areas from oils and stains can continue to be a problem over time if it is not properly cleaned. However, our cleaning professionals will bring the cleanliness back to your hard surface with a professional cleaning along with many other benefits.

  • Impedes Weeds – Pressure washing your driveway and walkway will prevent the growth of weeds. 
  • Concrete Life Extended – The life of your concrete will be extended with a professional cleaning.
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal – Your hard surface will stand out in a good way after it is professionally cleaned. Guests will admire the cleanliness of your concrete.


Don't Leave Your Driveway Dirty

Hazards of An Unclean Driveway/Walkway

Your unclean concrete can be an aggravating site. If oils, stains, and weeds have taken over, it has become a major hazard and should be cleaned immediately. A slip and fall are a greater risk once these issues become a hazard along with other problems that may take over. 

  • Chemical Buildup – Acidic and corrosive chemicals can buildup on your concrete if it is not cleaned.
  • Dirt, Mold, and Pollen – If your allergies have been acting up, it could be because of the dirt, mold, or pollen that is stuck on your concrete.
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We use an advanced cleaning process and products to kill dirt and grime.

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Your Concrete Will Look Perfect

Don't Ignore Your Concrete, Hire K.O.S.

If your concreted areas are filled with stains then you know that the ugliness and the health of your concrete is a high risk. When these pathways meet the visitors of your home, stains are not only being the eyesore of your home but also creating a risk of a possible slip and fall. However, to avoid an unfortunate incident like a slip or fall, our professionals at K.O.S. Power Washing will professionally clean your concrete back to perfection. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. 


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